What are biomagnetic beads and how to buy them?

The so-called biomagnetic beads refer to superparamagnetic microspheres with fine particle size. Magnetic beads generally have super-strong paramagnetism and can quickly gather in a magnetic field, and after leaving the magnetic field, they can help to uniformly disperse the magnetic separation. Secondly, it has a suitable particle size with small difference to ensure a strong enough magnetic response without sedimentation. Thirdly, it has abundant surface-active groups so that it can be coupled with biochemical substances and separated from the sample to be tested under the action of an external magnetic field.

Compared with traditional separation methods, the use of magnetic beads for the separation of complex components of biochemical samples can achieve separation and enrichment at the same time, which effectively improves the separation speed and enrichment efficiency, and also makes the analysis and detection sensitivity more sensitive. Huge improvements.

Characteristics of biological magnetic beads in nucleic acid extraction

(1) Biological magnetic beads can realize automation and mass operation, meet the high-throughput operation requirements of biology, and facilitate rapid and timely response to major disease outbreaks.

(2) Simple operation and short time. The entire extraction process has only four steps, most of which can be completed within 36-60 minutes;

(3) It is safe and non-toxic, does not use any toxic reagents, and conforms to modern environmental protection concepts; it provides a healthy environment for the bodies of our scientific researchers and enhances our research confidence;

(4) The specific combination of magnetic beads and nucleic acid makes the extracted nucleic acid purity and concentration high. Provided a guarantee for our researchers’ follow-up experiments.

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Application field of biomagnetic beads

(1) Nucleic acid extraction, magnetic bead DNA extraction is a perfect combination of nanotechnology and biotechnology, and has advantages that traditional DNA extraction methods cannot match. Nucleic acid extraction is the basis of the biomedical field. With its high efficiency and stability, magnetic bead DNA extraction is of great significance to the rapid development of genetic testing and personalized medicine.

(2) Cell separation (CD4, CD8) can be further used for tumor detection and diagnosis.

(3) Protein and antibody separation (amino magnetic beads, carboxyl magnetic beads, epoxy magnetic beads), which can be further used for disease detection and diagnosis.

(4) Heavy metal detection (sulfhydryl magnetic beads), which can be further used for sewage treatment, etc.

(5) Nuclear magnetic resonance (non-coated magnetic beads) is used for contrast agents.

At the same time, biological magnetic beads (or biological microspheres), as an effective new carrier for nucleic acid extraction, have been recognized by the majority of scientific researchers. The industry is referred to as “magnetic bead method”. Work efficiency has gradually become the mainstream solution.

However, the quality of the magnetic beads varies from good to bad, and the extraction effect is not satisfactory, which is really troublesome, and even doubts the feasibility of this new extraction scheme. So, how should we choose a biomagnetic bead?

1. Settling speed

Settling speed is often an important indicator. The slower the settling speed, the better the uniformity of sample addition, and the better the operating experience. However, considering the comprehensive performance of the magnetic beads, the settling speed is generally controlled at 10-20min, and some fast magnetic beads , The sedimentation speed is only 3-5min, which requires attention to the mixing frequency of the magnetic beads in the actual operation, so as to avoid uneven sample addition and unstable results.

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2. Magnetic time

The short magnetic attraction time indicates that the magnetic beads are more responsive and easier in actual operation. However, the shorter the magnetic attraction time, the faster the settling speed. Generally speaking, the magnetic attraction time is within the acceptable range within 30s. However, some brands of magnetic beads, including imported magnetic beads, have a magnetic attraction time of more than 1 min. This will significantly increase the waiting time during the operation and reduce the operation efficiency.

3. Nucleic acid adsorption capacity

Many customers believe that the nucleic acid adsorption capacity of magnetic beads is related to the particle size of the magnetic beads. Magnetic beads with a small particle size have a large specific surface area, so the adsorption capacity is strong. This conclusion is theoretically valid, but in actual operation, when the magnetic beads are used for nucleic acid adsorption, 5-6 kinds of reagents are needed. Therefore, we want to make the magnetic beads absorb more nucleic acids. The entire reagent system and the magnetic beads The compatibility of reagents is an important factor affecting the extraction results. Magnetic beads with a small particle size are not suitable for any reagent system without optimization. Therefore, instead of spending energy to find magnetic beads with a smaller particle size, it is better to optimize the entire reagent system. The efficiency may be higher.

Whether it is a scientific research user or an industrial user, choosing a standard magnetic bead manufacturer is the key to ensuring the stable progress of the project. Biomagnetic beads are a cross product of synthetic chemistry and molecular biology, and their applications are concentrated in the field of molecular biology. From this perspective, biological companies will solve more practical applications.

Therefore, for users, the docking of magnetic beads products with biological companies will be more efficient in terms of after-sales service. It is recommended that you look for standard and biological magnetic beads during the process of purchasing magnetic beads. Quotient.