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Principle of Magnetic Bead Separation

Nucleic acid extraction silicon-based magnetic beads

The surface of nano-scale magnetic beads is modified with specific active functional groups that can adsorb nucleic acids. By using different lysing solutions, binding solutions, and washing solutions, they can specifically bind to the target nucleic acid under specific conditions, while using magnetic beads With its own magnetism, it can easily achieve directional movement and enrichment under the action of an external magnetic field, so as to achieve the purpose of separating nucleic acid and impurities, and then achieve the separation and purification of target substances to obtain purified nucleic acid.

The magnetic bead method does not require centrifugation, is simple to operate, and is suitable for automated extraction. The entire extraction process takes a short time. At present, most nucleic acid extractors on the market use magnetic bead separation to achieve automation.

Magnetic Bead Extraction

Magnetic bead extraction

Silicon-based magnetic beads/carboxyl magnetic beads, streptavidin magnetic beads, chemiluminescent magnetic beads

Application: antibody purification, molecular separation, cell detection, microbial separation, chemiluminescence, etc.

Advantages of Magnetic Bead Method

High throughput automation

Simple operation and high efficiency

Safe and non-toxic

Good purity and high yield

High sensitivity

Column method

Magnetic Bead Method

Fluorescence PCR verifies the difference between column method and magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction

Sample information Column extraction CT value Magnetic beads extract CT value
Spleen 20.36 19.5
Lung 22.49 20.29
Kidney 25.04 25.33
Lymph 24.06 24.22
Blank control N/A N/A
Positive control 22.37 22.26
Negative control N/A N/A

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