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Nucleic acid kit supplies

Detection and use

Sample requirements

  1. Applicable sample types: whole blood, tissue homogenate, swab, serum, plasma, alveolar lavage fluid, etc.
  2. Sample collection: follow the conventional sample collection method to collect
  3. Sample storage and transportation: The collected samples should be processed as soon as possible, and the samples should be transported in an ice box or a foam box with ice.

Testing method

  1.  Take out the pre-packaged deep-well plate according to the user’s model, invert and mix several times to resuspend the magnetic beads, and gently shake to collect the liquid at the bottom of the orifice. Be careful before use: tear off the sealing film to avoid liquid splashing:
  2. Automated instrument extraction
  • Add 200uL sample to column 1 or 7 of the pre-packaged reagent
  • Run the extraction program


  1. Read the instructions carefully before using this kit;
  2. After the kit arrives, check whether the outer packaging is complete and store the kit at room temperature;
  3. The operation and treatment of waste liquid, waste, etc. generated during the use of the kit must meet the relevant requirements.
    Regulatory requirements, such as the “General Guidelines for Biosafety of Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories” and the “Regulations on Medical Waste Management”;
  4. The sample should be processed as soon as possible, otherwise the RNA will be degraded and the recovery efficiency will decrease;
  5. Pay attention to changing gloves and wearing masks during operation to prevent RNase contamination;
  6. RNase-free plastic products and pipette tips should be used.

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