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Understanding biomagnetic beads in one article

Magnetic beads can separate biomolecules easily and effectively. Use this guide to compare different surface chemical modifications and find the type that suits your application. What are magnetic beads? Magnetic beads are composed of tiny iron oxide particles (20 to 30 nm), such as magnetite (Fe3O4), which are superparamagnetic. Superparamagnetic beads are different from common […]

What are the quality problems of the nucleic acid extraction system?

Since a complete PCR detection requires the “two processes” of nucleic acid preparation and PCR amplification, there is no fully automatic nucleic acid detection system. With the improvement of the automation and intelligence of nucleic acid extraction systems, instrumental nucleic acid preparation methods have gradually been applied to the clinical detection process, and there is […]

Popular Science | Analysis of Nucleic Acid Extraction Technology—Magnetic Bead Method

Nucleic acid is the carrier of genetic information and the most important biological information molecule. Obtaining high-quality nucleic acid is an important prerequisite for molecular biology research. Nucleic acid extraction methods include traditional nucleic acid extraction methods, silica-based adsorption extraction methods, and magnetic bead adsorption nucleic acid extraction methods. At present, the most widely used […]

How to choose the right nucleic acid extraction system

The nucleic acid extraction system is an instrument that automatically completes the nucleic acid extraction work of samples by applying matching nucleic acid extraction reagents. It is widely used in various fields such as the Center for Disease Control, clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microbiological testing, food safety testing, animal husbandry […]

What are the misunderstandings of the magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction?

The use of biological magnetic beads to extract nucleic acid is still a relatively novel nucleic acid extraction method in China. Compared with the traditional isoamyl alcohol extraction method and spin column kit method, this method is still inadvertently understood by many people. There are also some misunderstandings in the process of purification of nucleic […]

Introduction to the whole process of laboratory nucleic acid detection

Since August, the new crown pneumonia epidemic has once again become the “normal”. Epidemics of varying degrees and scales have appeared around the world, and there are thousands of new crown pneumonia nucleic acid samples waiting for testing every day. How are these samples detected in the laboratory? What does the P3 laboratory look like […]

Summary of nucleic acid separation and purification methods

With the recent rebound of the global epidemic, nucleic acid testing has become the primary way to detect viruses, and it has also deepened everyone’s understanding of nucleic acids. In fact, the separation and purification of nucleic acid is the primary problem that needs to be solved in genetic engineering or protein engineering research. It […]

What is the process of COVID-19 nucleic acid testing?

Recently, as the COVID-19 strain has mutated, its toxicity and infectivity have become stronger, and the global epidemic situation has become extremely serious. To prevent the spread of the virus, in addition to prevention, it is more important to control the source of infection. Nucleic acid testing can The virus lurking in the human body […]