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What is the detection principle of the rapid nucleic acid detection kit?

The kit is to configure the various raw materials that need to be used in PCR replication and amplification in advance, and then the medical staff can greatly save the configuration time when making the diagnosis. At the same time, the conditions (temperature, time, etc.) used by the kit also need to be explored and […]

Common types and development prospects of magnetic beads

Magnetic beads are the main tool of new nucleic acid extraction technology. Magnetic beads have the characteristics of monodispersity, high specific surface area, good dispersibility and resuspension, faster magnetic response, better water solubility, and more active functional groups. They can form a “quasi-homogeneous” reaction system. It can combine, react and separate with the target fragment […]

Basic performance and applicable fields of various magnetic beads

Magnetic beads are important equipment used in biological immunology. They have super paramagnetism and can quickly accumulate in a magnetic field. After leaving the magnetic field, they can contribute to the uniform dispersion of magnetic separation. By coating the surface of the magnetic beads with specificity Antibodies, receptors, etc., are used to separate and purify […]

Features of Nucleic Acid Extraction System and Precautions for Use

The nucleic acid extraction system is a biomedical system designed for automatic magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction. You only need to add the sample to be extracted to the matching kit, put the kit into the extraction system, run the edited program that comes with the system, and complete a round of sample nucleic […]

Advantages and Principles of Magnetic Bead Method for Nucleic Acid Extraction

Since the birth of Watson and Crick’s DNA double helix model, biology has entered a new era. In the biological world, DNA is required, and the central rule is required. The extraction of DNA has become the field of biomedicine and even agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. The foundation of scientific research in all […]

What are the factors that affect the extraction of magnetic beads?

Magnetic beads play an important role in nucleic acid extraction. The specific process is to first lyse the cells, then combine nucleic acids with magnetic beads through the binding solution, and use washing solution to wash away residual protein and salt ions, and then combine nucleic acids and magnetic beads. Separate. Seeing that the process […]

What are the types of nucleic acid extractors

Nucleic Acid Extraction System (Nucleic Acid Extraction System) is an instrument that uses matching nucleic acid extraction reagents to automatically complete sample nucleic acid extraction. It is widely used in various fields such as the Center for Disease Control, clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microbiological testing, food safety testing, animal husbandry […]

How to do nucleic acid testing for frozen food

We know that the rapid detection and sampling of human neocorona nucleic acid is mainly through nasopharyngeal swabs or oropharyngeal swabs. So how to do rapid detection of new crown nucleic acid for frozen food? In fact, the rapid detection of COVID-19 for food is similar to the rapid detection of human COVID-19. Next, let’s […]

Common classification and separation principle of magnetic beads

With the continuous development and improvement of extraction technology, magnetic bead extraction technology continues to rise in China. As the core material for extraction, magnetic beads are constantly being known. Magnetic beads are formed by covering a core of ferroferric oxide with a certain tissue, which can be adsorbed by magnets and at the same […]

Introduction of Magnetic Bead Method for Nucleic Acid Extraction Kit

There are many types of nucleic acid extraction kits. Today, we will mainly introduce the principle, use method and specific steps of the magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction kit. What is nucleic acid Nucleic acids are widely present in all animals, plant cells, and microorganisms. Nucleic acids in organisms often combine with proteins to […]