Popular Science | Analysis of Nucleic Acid Extraction Technology—Magnetic Bead Method

Nucleic acid is the carrier of genetic information and the most important biological information molecule. Obtaining high-quality nucleic acid is an important prerequisite for molecular biology research. Nucleic acid extraction methods include traditional nucleic acid extraction methods, silica-based adsorption extraction methods, and magnetic bead adsorption nucleic acid extraction methods. At present, the most widely used method is the magnetic bead method.

Introduction to Biomagnetic Beads

Biomagnetic beads refer to superparamagnetic beads with fine particle size. Under normal circumstances, magnetic beads have super strong paramagnetism, can quickly reunite in a magnetic field, and evenly spread out after leaving the magnetic field.
Magnetic beads used in biochemical research have abundant surface active groups; through specific coating of magnetic beads (such as hydroxyl, carboxyl, amino and other active groups) to couple with biochemical substances, and under the action of an external magnetic field Realize the separation from the sample to be tested.

Compared with traditional separation methods, the use of magnetic beads to separate specific components of biochemical samples can achieve high-throughput and specific separation and enrichment, effectively improving the efficiency of separation and enrichment, and greatly improving the analysis. Sensitivity of detection.

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The principle of magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction and purification

The principle of nucleic acid extraction and purification by magnetic bead method. Nanotechnology is used to improve and modify the surface of superparamagnetic nanoparticles, and the surface of superparamagnetic nanoparticles is modified and surface modified. The surface-active groups are specific to nucleic acid molecules through highly active surface-active groups. Sexual identification and efficient combination.
Using the superparamagnetism of silica nanospheres, under the action of denaturant (guanidine hydrochloride, guanidine isothiocyanate, etc.) and external magnetic field, nucleic acid can be separated from blood, tissue, food, pathogenic microorganisms and other samples, which can be applied Used in clinical disease diagnosis, forensic identification, blood transfusion safety, environmental microbiological testing, food safety testing, molecular biology research and other fields.

Magnetic bead method of nucleic acid extraction process

The combination of nucleic acid and magnetic beads mainly relies on electrostatic, hydrophobic and hydrogen bonding. The DNA/RNA in the cell or tissue is released under the action of the lysis solution. At this time, the surface-modified superparamagnetic silica nanomagnetic beads specifically bind with nucleic acid to form a nucleic acid-magnetic bead complex.

Then under the action of an external magnetic field, the complex separates. After washing liquid to remove non-specifically adsorbed impurities, and finally using a specific eluent to dissociate the nucleic acid adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic beads, the extracted target nucleic acid substance is obtained.

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Advantages of magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction

With the popularization of genetic testing, personalized medicine, prenatal diagnosis and other technologies, high-throughput, automated and rapid models are being pursued in various fields of the biological industry. The limitations of traditional DNA extraction methods are becoming more and more obvious, while the magnetic bead method The advantages of DNA extraction are becoming more and more obvious; the magnetic bead method of DNA extraction can realize automatic and high-throughput operation, simple operation, short time-consuming, and does not use traditional methods such as toxic reagents such as benzene, phenols, and chloroform, and is safe. The poison is in full compliance with modern environmental protection concepts; the specific combination with nucleic acid makes the extracted nucleic acid with high purity and high concentration.

Comparison of traditional nucleic acid extraction method and magnetic bead method
Traditional nucleic acid extraction method Magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction method
Manual extraction Realize fully automated mode
Low technical difficulty High throughput, high quality, high yield
Technically cumbersome Avoid tedious manual extraction procedures
Not suitable for the extraction of a large number of samples Reduce the hazards of phenols, chloroform and benzene organic substances to operators
Not suitable for clinical molecular diagnosis Greatly meets today’s market requirements for nucleic acid extraction efficiency

Application range of magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction

The magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction kit is a comprehensive high-tech product based on nanotechnology, molecular biology technology, biomedical technology and forensic technology. It can be widely used in genomics research in molecular biology, molecular evolutionary chemistry research, genetic disease research in medicine, mutant gene detection, tumor screening, prenatal diagnosis, HPV detection, blood spots, forensic biological samples, Spots, hair, cigarette butts and other on-site evidence testing, judicial paternity testing, blood relationship testing, and many other areas that provide evidence.