What are the types of nucleic acid extractors

Nucleic Acid Extraction System (Nucleic Acid Extraction System) is an instrument that uses matching nucleic acid extraction reagents to automatically complete sample nucleic acid extraction. It is widely used in various fields such as the Center for Disease Control, clinical disease diagnosis, blood transfusion safety, forensic identification, environmental microbiological testing, food safety testing, animal husbandry and molecular biology research.

1. Classification according to the size of the instrument model

①Automatic liquid workstation

The automatic liquid workstation is a very powerful device, which automatically completes liquid dispensing and aspiration, and can even realize full automation of specimen extraction, amplification, and detection by integrating functions such as amplification and detection. Nucleic acid extraction is only one application of its function, and it is not suitable for routine laboratory extraction of nucleic acid. It is generally applied to the experimental needs of a single type of specimen and a very large amount of specimens (at least 96, generally several hundred) at a time. The platform establishment and operation of automatic workstations require relatively large funds.

②Small automatic nucleic acid extractor

The small-scale automated instrument achieves the purpose of automatically extracting nucleic acid through the particularity of the operating structure, and can be used in any laboratory.

TianLong GeneRotex 96

2. Classification according to the extraction principle

①Apparatus using spin column method

The centrifugal column method nucleic acid extractor mainly uses a combination of a centrifuge and an automatic pipetting device. The throughput is generally 1-12 samples. The operation time is similar to that of manual extraction. It does not improve the actual work efficiency and is expensive. Different models The consumables of the instrument are not universal, and are only suitable for large-scale laboratories with sufficient funds.

②Apparatus using magnetic bead method

Using magnetic beads as a carrier, using the principle of magnetic beads adsorbing nucleic acids under high salt and low pH values, and separating them from nucleic acids under low salt and high pH values, the entire nucleic acid extraction and purification process is realized by moving the magnetic beads or transferring the liquid. Due to its unique principle, it can be designed into a variety of fluxes. It can be extracted from a single tube or 8-96 samples, and its operation is simple and fast. It only takes 30-45min to extract 96 samples, which greatly improves The efficiency of the experiment and the low cost allow it to be used in different laboratories. It is currently the mainstream instrument on the market.

The above are the common types of nucleic acid extractors introduced. Aisen Biotech Co., Ltd. introduced the HERO96 nucleic acid extractor to the market. It is a biomedical instrument specially used for fully automatic magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction. Simply add the sample to be extracted to the matching kit, put the kit into HERO96, run the program that comes with the instrument, and complete a round of extraction of 96 nucleic acid samples in 15-40 minutes. The unique cryopreservation function of HERO96 can ensure the quality of the extracted product when you cannot process the extracted nucleic acid in time.