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What are biomagnetic beads and how to buy them?

The so-called biomagnetic beads refer to superparamagnetic microspheres with fine particle size. Magnetic beads generally have super-strong paramagnetism and can quickly gather in a magnetic field, and after leaving the magnetic field, they can help to uniformly disperse the magnetic separation. Secondly, it has a suitable particle size with small difference to ensure a strong […]

What are the nucleic acid extraction methods?

Nucleic acid is the carrier of genetic information, the most important biological information molecule, and the main object of molecular biology research. Therefore, nucleic acid extraction is the most important and basic operation in molecular biology experimental technology. Nucleic acid is divided into deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and ribonucleic acid (RNA). RNA can be divided into […]

To stop the new coronavirus (2019-nCoV), Aisen is in action

As of 0:00 on January 23, a total of 571 cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia have been confirmed in my country, and 17 cases have died. Changes in the pneumonia epidemic caused by new coronavirus infection in Wuhan Date Cumulative confirmed cases Cumulative cured and discharged Treating severe illness Cumulative deaths 1.14 41 7 6 […]

Research shows: genetic abnormalities are related to cerebral palsy

A new study published in the journal Nature found that there is an association between cerebral palsy and genetic variation. This surprising discovery challenges the claim that environmental factors are the only cause of cerebral palsy. According to study co-author Stephen Scherer, many people were not optimistic about this study at first, because for many […]

The third generation of gene sequencer was born

According to Xinhua News Agency, Shenzhen, August 1st (Reporter Zhou Ke) The third-generation gene sequencer independently developed by the Southern University of Science and Technology He Jiankui team was born in Shenzhen. At present, small batch prototype production has been completed. After mass production, everyone is expected to have an individual Exclusive “gene ID card”. […]

Gene medicine will be supported by a series of national policies

Our country will further promote the construction of genetic technology infrastructure, and promote the application of related technologies in the medical field with a number of measures. Gene sequencing concept stocks rose It is understood that within this year, my country will officially start the construction of the second phase of the national gene bank, […]