What are the precautions for the nucleic acid extraction system when doing separation experiments?

The nucleic acid extraction system is a high-tech product that uses the universal magnetic bead method to extract nucleic acids. It has the advantages of high automation, fast extraction speed, stable results, and easy operation. In almost every laboratory, the separation and purification work related to biomolecules is very important.

However, it is quite difficult to purify multiple samples. It is not only necessary to select a suitable purification technology, but also the workload is particularly large, which is difficult to meet the current rapid development of high-throughput sample extraction and purification needs.

The magnetic bead method of nucleic acid extraction system is very suitable for genomics research. Regardless of whether the source of the extracted sample is microorganisms, animals, plants or viruses, combined with a whole blood genomic DNA extraction kit specially optimized for magnetic bead extraction and purification systems, a white blood cell layer whole blood genome extraction kit, and animal tissue/cell genomic DNA extraction reagents The box can quickly purify DNA or RNA in sufficient quantity and purity.

HERO96 magnetic bead method nucleic acid extraction system


What should we pay attention to when using a nucleic acid purifier for separation experiments?

1. Ensure the integrity of the primary structure of nucleic acid.

2. Remove the pollution of other biological macromolecules (protein, carbohydrate, lipid molecules).

3. Remove the contamination of other nucleic acid molecules (extract DNA and remove RNA contamination).

4. Remove organic solvents and high-concentration metal ions that inhibit enzymes.

5. Simplify the operation steps and shorten the extraction process.

HERO 32 Magnetic Bead Method Nucleic Acid Extraction System

6. Prevent the degradation of nucleic acid by physical and chemical factors (shear force, high temperature, strong acid and strong base).

7. Prevent the degradation of nucleic acid by biological factors (nuclease).

The nucleic acid purification instrument has stable measurement results, avoids differences and errors caused by manual operation, and has good temperature and repeatability. The purifier can optimize the purification scheme according to the reagents and cooperate with the precise incubation time to achieve higher extraction efficiency.The extracted DNA/RNA has high purity and can be directly used for PCR and RT-PCR.

This product has a powerful program editing function; it can define your application flexibly and efficiently to meet the requirements of different reagents. The lysis and elution temperature can be customized according to the needs. Built-in engineering computer, no need to connect to a personal computer; stand-alone operation saves more space and energy, and provides a highly stable automatic control system.