How to do nucleic acid testing?

Now, due to the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, we are required to do nucleic acid testing when we travel or travel to other countries or provinces. We need to have a negative nucleic acid test result. Then, what should we do?

1. Before testing:

(1) Try to avoid eating 2 hours before the nucleic acid test to avoid vomiting;

(2) Do not drink beverages (including water), smoke, drink, or chew gum 30 minutes before sampling;

(3) During the clinical examination, reduce swallowing movements and avoid clearing the throat (such as expectoration and spitting);

(4) Before collecting nasopharyngeal swabs, the person being tested should inform the collecting staff whether they have relevant past medical history or related matters. For example, history of nasal surgery, curvature of the nasal septum, blood disease, throat disease, or taking anticoagulants and other related risk factors;

(5) The tester needs to wear a mask correctly, remove the mask before the test, and wear it immediately after the test. A spare mask can be prepared, which can be easily replaced at any time after contamination.

Manual nucleic acid extraction kit

2. Testing:

(1) When taking an oropharyngeal swab, the subject tilts his head back and opens his mouth to make an “ah” sound, which helps to expose the throat, but symptoms such as dry cough, nausea, and vomiting may occur during the process. The subject may cooperate Collectors try to relax and breathe deeply;

(2) During the collection process, there may be a soreness of the nose and irritation to sneezing, which can be covered immediately with a paper towel (prepared in advance) or elbow;

3. After testing:

(1) Leave the collection site immediately after collection, and avoid spitting and vomiting around the collection site;
(2) Pay attention to hand hygiene before and after the nucleic acid test. You can use hand sanitizer or alcohol to wipe your hands.

(3) In addition, in order to improve efficiency, you can prepare in advance: due to the tight protection of medical staff, you may not be able to hear the speech. At the same time, it is also to improve efficiency. Please be sure to bring your ID card or household registration book and wear a mask (preferably two, of which One spare), with a package of tissues (collection may cause discomfort and tears), you can write a note in advance with your name, ID number, current address, and contact number (please keep the font neat when writing to prevent the staff from being unrecognizable) ) To the relevant personnel!

Pre-packed nucleic acid extraction kit (inner packaging)

Nucleic acid is actually genetic material, or genes in layman’s terms. Take viruses as an example. Their life forms are very simple, just composed of outer capsids and genetic material wrapped in them. The genetic material of a virus can be DNA or RNA, and it is divided into one strand and two strands, namely, single-stranded DNA, double-stranded DNA, single-stranded RNA, and double-stranded RNA. The genetic material of the new coronavirus is single-stranded RNA, which determines the outer capsid synthesis, as well as the pathogenicity and transmission of the virus.

Nucleic acid testing is an important means of epidemic prevention and control. Different viruses have different forms, all because they carry different nucleic acids. The nucleic acid of all viruses has its characteristic part. The nucleic acid test is to amplify the characteristic part of the virus gene in a large amount to reach the detection amount that can be identified. Therefore, a positive nucleic acid test of a certain virus can be used as the diagnosis of this virus infection. Basis. The COVID-19 virus nucleic acid test is to detect at least two characteristic fragments in its RNA, and if it is detected, it will be judged as positive.