Gene medicine will be supported by a series of national policies

Our country will further promote the construction of genetic technology infrastructure, and promote the application of related technologies in the medical field with a number of measures.

Gene sequencing concept stocks rose

It is understood that within this year, my country will officially start the construction of the second phase of the national gene bank, and it is expected that the total amount of gene data will exceed the sum of the three major gene banks in the United States, Europe and Japan within five years. At the same time, my country will accelerate the establishment of a genetic technology system and infrastructure from genetic testing to individualized precision immunization. In addition, my country will issue relevant policies to prioritize the review of genetic testing products identified as innovative medical (, buy-in) devices in accordance with the approval procedures for innovative medical devices, speed up the entry of innovative medical service projects into the medical system, and promote the entry of new technologies into clinical use .

Research reports of securities firms such as CICC Securities and Zhongtai Securities believe that my country has a huge demand for disease screening, cancer treatment, and chronic disease treatment. With the entry of genetic medicine into clinical applications, the above three fields and related markets will be the first to enter a period of rapid growth. The total market size is expected to reach 300 billion yuan by 2020.

List of gene sequencing concept stocks:

Zixin Pharmaceutical (,Buy): The company cooperates with Beijing Institute of Genomics, Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop a second-generation gene sequencer

Qianyao Machine (,Buy): Participate in Honghao Gene to enter the gene sequencing market, and has successfully developed 5 types of personalized drug therapy gene detection chips for hypertension and other types

Daan Gene (,Buy): Daan Gene is the second company approved for NIPT-related genetic testing products, and has 8 clinical testing centers across the country.

Anke Biology (,Buy): The subsidiary Sino-German Meilian operates businesses involving biological gene sequencing and DNA testing.
Zhongyuan Concord (,Buy): Construction and operation of Zhongyuan Concord (Tianjin) Medical Laboratory, specializing in research and application of genetic testing related technologies, and entering the field of gene sequencing