Advantages and Principles of Magnetic Bead Method for Nucleic Acid Extraction

Since the birth of Watson and Crick’s DNA double helix model, biology has entered a new era. In the biological world, DNA is required, and the central rule is required. The extraction of DNA has become the field of biomedicine and even agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery. The foundation of scientific research in all disciplines, with the rapid development of genetic diagnosis, genetically modified food testing, personalized medicine, etc., the current nucleic acid extraction technology is no longer able to meet the needs of today’s biotechnology, and there is an urgent need for a high-throughput and automated nucleic acid extraction method . In this context, the magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction came into being. Next, the editor of Aisen will share with you the advantages and principles of magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction.

The advantages of magnetic bead method for nucleic acid extraction

1. It can realize automation and mass operation, eliminating the need for complicated manual extraction procedures;

2. The operation is simple, the time is short, and the labor cost is reduced;

3. It does not use toxic reagents such as benzene and chloroform in the traditional method, which is safe and non-toxic, in line with modern environmental protection concepts, and reduces the harm of phenols, chloroform and other organic reagents to operators;

4. The specific binding with nucleic acid makes the extracted nucleic acid with high purity and high concentration;

5. It is suitable for clinical molecular diagnosis, which greatly meets the requirements of the market for nucleic acid extraction technology.


The principle of magnetic bead method of nucleic acid extraction

The binding of nucleic acid to magnetic beads mainly relies on electrostatic, hydrophobic and hydrogen bonding. The DNA/RNA in the cell or tissue is released under the action of the lysis solution. At this time, the surface-modified superparamagnetic silica nanomagnetic beads “specifically bind” with nucleic acid to form a “nucleic acid-magnetic bead complex”. Then under the action of an external magnetic field, the complex is separated. After the eluate is washed to remove the non-specifically adsorbed magazines, desalted and purified, the nucleic acid substance to be extracted is obtained.

The relevant introduction of the advantages and principles of magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction is the above. The magnetic bead nucleic acid extraction technology has many application advantages, and its future development prospects are good, and it is worthy of popularization and application.